Sunday, June 5, 2011

Uncommon Blessings

I recently experienced a mind boggling weather week starting with sunshine and balmy breezes; transitioning to tree felling blustery winds; and culminating in a bone-chilling mercury free-fall: when almost imperceptibly, a light but steady snow began to silently grace the sky.

Several moments later, as the view from our window began to resemble a briskly shaken snow globe, a brilliant flash of lightning danced across the sky, followed by a deep resounding roll of thunder. I couldn’t help but marvel as I sat in the warm confines of my home. As the snow continued to accumulate, I began to thank God for His springtime display of uncommon weather and to pray this simple prayer: “As in the natural, so in the spiritual.” And such is my prayer for you today: May your life be unexpectedly showered with uncommon blessings.


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