Sunday, June 5, 2011

Uncommon Blessings

I recently experienced a mind boggling weather week starting with sunshine and balmy breezes; transitioning to tree felling blustery winds; and culminating in a bone-chilling mercury free-fall: when almost imperceptibly, a light but steady snow began to silently grace the sky.

Several moments later, as the view from our window began to resemble a briskly shaken snow globe, a brilliant flash of lightning danced across the sky, followed by a deep resounding roll of thunder. I couldn’t help but marvel as I sat in the warm confines of my home. As the snow continued to accumulate, I began to thank God for His springtime display of uncommon weather and to pray this simple prayer: “As in the natural, so in the spiritual.” And such is my prayer for you today: May your life be unexpectedly showered with uncommon blessings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wait

Do you ever feel like you’re suspended in that “in-between” just before your reality catches up with your expectation?

Sometimes, what we are waiting for is tangible, often it is not.  The reality is:  no matter what your heart’s desire – it is inevitable that you will experience periods of waiting.  Those uncomfortably exhilarating stages in your life are the green room for your blessing.  It is in “the wait” you experience those final moments of preparation and it is in “the wait” your gift is perfected.

If you feel overwhelmed by “the wait” today – I offer this gentle encouragement and share this simple prayer:
You are worth the wait.  Pray:  Lord, help me to fully appreciate the wait.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Live in Love

A life of love is a life worth living.

You, by virtue of being born, are exceptional and worthy of love. Despite the inevitable shortfall, love allows us to forgive ourselves, learn from our mistakes, and move on using our mistakes as an opportunity to help someone else.

A life of love is a life worth sharing.

We all have reasons for keeping our shortfalls private.  But having experienced heartache, I wouldn’t wish emotional pain on another. Following the darkest days of my life, characterized by isolation and silent onlookers, I vowed that I would not keep silent if ever I had an opportunity to share my heart to help another. My pain would not be without purpose.

There is no greater demonstration of love than to forgive ourselves enough to share our lives with another; and there is no greater gift than love.

Live in Love.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Father’s Love

"Never underestimate the power of a Father’s love.

My father was hundreds of miles away - physically and emotionally. Our relationship was in disrepair and I had neither expectation nor hope that it would ever be restored. I would come to know that despite the separation, my father's heart was broken by the knowledge that his daughter was hurting.

My daddy rescued me. Had he not, out of the blue and without my asking, been moved with compassion for me, I can’t say where I would be today.

Years later I would come to realize the significance of what my father did through this profound manifestation of love. It is by this example I have come to experience the love that my Heavenly Father has toward me. My prayer for you today is that you experience transformative love that opens your heart to forgiveness, healing, restoration, and hope. May your life be enriched by your Father’s love today."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy's Earrings

One morning I placed a pair of my earrings on my daughter to remind her all day of how much I love her.

Later, having received a call about the day she had, I folded my precious girl into my arms to ask about it. Her response? "It was great!" Hands to her ears, she looked up and said, "See Mommy! The earrings worked!" Puzzled, I asked what she meant. She then explained that as she felt my earrings in her ears - she could feel my love - and that’s why she’d had "the greatest day ever!"

My prayer for you today is that you experience LOVE in such a profound, childlike way that your perspective is completely transformed. As you encounter circumstances, from the trivial to the catastrophic, may you be more acutely aware of the magnitude of His love for you than the magnitude of the troubles you face.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank You

In a recent conversation with my teenage son, I asked him if there was anything that he was praying about so that I could join him in prayer. I wasn't at all prepared for his reply.

He looked me in the eye and stated, "No, not really." "God has already done so much for me. Everyone is always asking Him for stuff. I like to spend my time tell Him thank you." I sat back in my seat feeling both proud and guilty.

So, today, I take a page from my son's book. I choose to focus on everything that I have to be thankful for. I won't beg, I won't complain. Instead, I will say "thank you".

Thank you my son, for being respectful and responsible - despite my urge to fuss about the tidiness of your bedroom. Thank you my Creator, for life and health - despite my habit of constantly bombarding You with a litany of requests. Above all, thank You for Your Love.

A Love so sweet...

When is the last time you received a love note? There is nothing in the world like opening a well timed, unexpected note written simply to remind you that you are important to the author.
Short and simple or lengthy and poetic; there are few gestures that are as universally effective as a demonstration of love. To know that someone loves you enough to take the time to express it in writing speaks volumes.
I am often moved by the beauty of my Heavenly Father’s love toward me. I see manifestations in His Word, His world and through His people. Each of these moments are like love notes that He takes the time to write, especially for me, so that I am constantly reminded of His infinite love and that He holds me in the highest esteem.
A love so sweet is meant to be shared.  And so, I share with you Love Notes, from His heart – to my heart – to yours.


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